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UK Police Test
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Pass Police Tests Application Workbook


Police Force Recruitment Process

Once you have decided to apply for a job in UK police force, you need to know the selection process. Uk Police department has an extensive and hectic procedure for recruitment. It normally consists of four main parts.

Part 1: Competency based application form

First and foremost step toward police pass test is to complete the application form which is based upon competency. You have to complete the form online and you should provide computable basic competences related to the post on priority basis.

Part 2: National Police Officer Assessment Centre

Once your application form gets the acceptance and you are informed about passing the application acceptance process, next step is to receive the invitation to attend an assessment test in National Police Officer Assessment Centre. The duration of the test is approximately four hours and you are requires to undertake the following tests.

•    An interview based upon competency
•    Four interactive assessments
•    The Police Initial Recruitment Test (it includes Verbal, logical and numerical reasoning test)
•    Depending upon the post you are seeking, you may require to attempt two report writing exercises as well

The passing marks for this assessment test are 55%.

Part 3: Full Vetting Checks and a possible final interview

There are some UP Police departments which take another final interview apart from the one taken at the assessment centre along with other tests. Police force gets you testes for vetting checks as well. The purpose of these vetting checks is to ensure that you fulfill the minimum eligibility criteria set for a particular post.

Part 4: Medical and fitness assessments

After passing through theses initial three parts of the test, comes the final and most practical part of the selection process.

In this part of the test, you have to undergo medical checkup and a overall fitness test to ensure the eligibility for police force. In medical checkup, you are required to go through many tests. For police fitness test, there are two key elements:

•    The dynamic strength test
•    The endurance fitness or the bleep test

A most important tip to pass the test

Whether you are filling the application form, undertaking written assessment or being interviewed, your main point of concentration should be to demonstrate the core competencies. The most helpful way to get successful in this regard is to use keywords and phrases in your answers to written and oral questions.